Welcome to the Real Nappy Week Challenge Blog!

The following blog posts will be written by Vicki and her sister as they begin their Real Nappy Week Challenge and Share the Secret with you!

In the build up to Real Nappy Week Vicki saw our call to Share the Secret and contacted Go Real. She told us that she had been using Real Nappies with her little boy since he was about 3 months old, (he is now 2 and still wearing them) BUT her sister needed some encouragement to Go Real.

Vicki told us: "Her reluctance is mainly down to the fact that she works whilst her partner mostly looks after the children, and he is fairly against the idea. I'm sure if they both had the opportunity to try Real Nappies they would soon see the benefits."

To help Vicki show her sister how fantastic Real Nappies are we’re providing a full trial kit of nappies for them to use during the challenge. Vicki will be supporting her sister, providing advice and support (with a little help from Team Go Real!) and both of them will blogging about their experience right here!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thank You

I can't believe the week is nearly over I have had so much fun trying Real Nappies. At the start I really wasn't sure if cloth was for me but I have completely changed my view; it's no harder than disposables, much better for my baby, the environment and not forgetting my pocket. I think I have saved about £10 since using Real Nappies which I have now spent buying some of my favorite nappies, Baba and Boo and an Itti Bitti.

Eve at Baba and Boo was very helpful and got my order out very quick.  I love the fact thart her nappies are so reasonably priced, fit Aston perfectly and look amazing. I liked all the nappies but found some held the wee (Little Lamb, Little Comfort, Prefolds and Terries) better and some fit better and don't look so bulky (Itti Bitti, Baba and Boo and Smartipants). The Pocket Nappies or All in Ones I found the easiest to put on as Aston doesn't really like sitting still too long; they were just a quick as disposable as you don't need to put a wrap on as well.
I pay for my electric by a key meter which was very useful to show how much extra electric the washing machine had used.  It was less than a pound which is great considering I put the machine on nearly every night but I dried them on the line most days.

My black bin which went out on Friday had a quarter less in it. It is normally over flowing by bin day but the lid was closed and I had lots more room left. That's the first time that's happened since Aston was born. It has made me think how many nappies, with 3 children using disposables, I have sent to landfill. Ian and I would like more children and we would definitely use cloth on any more we have.

If you unsure about using cloth, the best advice I can give is give it a go. Read all the reviews and just buy a couple to start, you have nothing to lose. If you are anything like me once you start you won't be able to stop!

Vicki and Go Real have been amazing, thank you for giving me the chance to transform the way I look at nappies. I have loved every second (including the pooie nappies!). And we would still be using disposable if you hadn't of sent me the trial pack. This is the best secret I have ever been told. Thank you for sharing it with me!


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Boosters Needed!

Aston has leaked wee a few times since we've been using cloth but he is a very heavy wetter and drinks a lot so I am thinking maybe I need extra boosters.

Night times are not going very well and he has woken twice completely dripping. But after I spoke to Vicki she suggested I just bulk him out with boosters at night as Milo is also prone to this.

We have had no poo leaks which is great and I have noticed that it doesn't smell as bad when its in the nappy and easily flushed down the toilet. Once the nappy is in the bucket you can't smell anything unlike having a disposable in your bin.


Thursday, 19 May 2011


I am completely addicted to real nappies. Since receiving my trial pack. I have spent every night searching the internet looking at different brands, styles and patterms. I love the choice of prints you can get, much prettier than disposables.
As for types my favourite is the pocket. Cloth dry very quickly. I haven't really noticed any difference in the different fabrics, apart from the little lamb which comes out of the machine nearly dry. The pocket (especially Baba and Boo) fit nicely on Aston and are not that much fatter than is old nappies. I want to buy all the different types but Ian has wisely taken the credit card off me or I could max it out on cloth! Vicki has given me some of her nappies to try as Milo is doing very well at potty training.



I have told most of my mummy friends that I am trying Real Nappies and they have laughed at me so I have decided to invite them all round to show them how easy they are. I think lots of people don't understand how similar Real are to disposables with so many different types, styles and colours to choose from it makes them much more fun.

I have been organising the summer fete for the school and I was talking to some of the mums after the meeting today. Two of them had used cloth which made me feel less like an outcast, it was lovely to talk to someone (other than Vicki) about cloth without being laughed at.

I am hoping tomorrow when I have showed my friends they will be converted to cloth. 


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


My eldest daughter bethany has been helping with learning the different terry folds. She understood the instructions 'Go Real' sent me perfectly which shows if my 8 year old can do it anyone can! We practiced lots on her dollies then went for it on Aston. Bethany has made her own video demonstrating how to do the cone fold.

I don't think I got the nappy tight enough it was quite loose around the legs. It didn't help that Aston just wanted to lay on the bamboo square, putting it on his face when I was trying to fold it because he loved the feel of it, so I am sure it felt lovely on his bum!

Vicki hasn't used terries so she couldn't really help me but my mum used terries on both me and Vicki and spent 20 mins at work yesterday going through through the folds using a tea towel and how to get them tighter. I will keep trying them on Aston but I think my favorite nappies are the pocket nappies I got (Baba Boo and Smartipants) they are just as easy as disposables but much prettier.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Becoming a Cloth Nappy Addict?

I think Charley may have developed a nappy addiction!  Who knew all she needed was a collection of nappies to play with to get her to come round to the idea of using cloth!  I've hardly had to do anything.  Well that's no entirely true, I've had to answer lots of questions, listening to lots of nappy talk and of course look through pages and pages and pages of cloth nappies online with Charley who is building a fairly big shopping list of nappies to purchase!

I understand though, as I'm sure many cloth nappy users do!  It can become a bit of an obsession and before you know it you've lost hours of your life researching different brands and styles and of course colours and prints, and if you're not too careful spent a small fortune in the process.  I know that was pretty much what I did and listening to Charley's excitement I must admit I was a little jealous when she received her lovely collection of assorted nappies to try!  But my boy is (fairly slowly) getting in to potty training at the moment, so a big splurge on new nappies would be fairly foolish (however there are always training pants!).

I can hardly believe Charley's complete turnaround, we talk fairly regularly anyway, but we have been on the phone to each other 2 or 3 times a day the last week discussing nappies, honestly it won't be long before she knows more about cloth than I do and is giving me advice.  Turns out it really was just a secret that needed to be shared. 

Being Prepared

Aston was looked after by my friend, Alison, today. I showed her the cloth nappies but also packed some disposables just in case she would prefer to put them on Aston, but she loved the cloth nappies as she had used terries on her children and couldn't believe how much the nappies have changed over the last 15 years.

I had given Alison 3 cloth nappies but I didn't think he would do 2 poos in the few hours he was there! So she had to use a disposable.When I got home I put aston straight in cloth and next time I will be sure to pack more.
I am going to try a terry tomorrow.I can't believe I never used cloth before its so easy. Vicki is being a great support so glad she put us forward for this I am falling in love with cloth nappies.