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The following blog posts will be written by Vicki and her sister as they begin their Real Nappy Week Challenge and Share the Secret with you!

In the build up to Real Nappy Week Vicki saw our call to Share the Secret and contacted Go Real. She told us that she had been using Real Nappies with her little boy since he was about 3 months old, (he is now 2 and still wearing them) BUT her sister needed some encouragement to Go Real.

Vicki told us: "Her reluctance is mainly down to the fact that she works whilst her partner mostly looks after the children, and he is fairly against the idea. I'm sure if they both had the opportunity to try Real Nappies they would soon see the benefits."

To help Vicki show her sister how fantastic Real Nappies are we’re providing a full trial kit of nappies for them to use during the challenge. Vicki will be supporting her sister, providing advice and support (with a little help from Team Go Real!) and both of them will blogging about their experience right here!

Thursday, 19 May 2011


I have told most of my mummy friends that I am trying Real Nappies and they have laughed at me so I have decided to invite them all round to show them how easy they are. I think lots of people don't understand how similar Real are to disposables with so many different types, styles and colours to choose from it makes them much more fun.

I have been organising the summer fete for the school and I was talking to some of the mums after the meeting today. Two of them had used cloth which made me feel less like an outcast, it was lovely to talk to someone (other than Vicki) about cloth without being laughed at.

I am hoping tomorrow when I have showed my friends they will be converted to cloth. 


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