Welcome to the Real Nappy Week Challenge Blog!

The following blog posts will be written by Vicki and her sister as they begin their Real Nappy Week Challenge and Share the Secret with you!

In the build up to Real Nappy Week Vicki saw our call to Share the Secret and contacted Go Real. She told us that she had been using Real Nappies with her little boy since he was about 3 months old, (he is now 2 and still wearing them) BUT her sister needed some encouragement to Go Real.

Vicki told us: "Her reluctance is mainly down to the fact that she works whilst her partner mostly looks after the children, and he is fairly against the idea. I'm sure if they both had the opportunity to try Real Nappies they would soon see the benefits."

To help Vicki show her sister how fantastic Real Nappies are we’re providing a full trial kit of nappies for them to use during the challenge. Vicki will be supporting her sister, providing advice and support (with a little help from Team Go Real!) and both of them will blogging about their experience right here!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I am charley and I live in Norfolk with my 3 children bethany aged 8, Nicole 5, Aston 14 months and my partner of nearly 10 years Ian.

I work for my mum in her ceramic cafe http://stickyearthcafe.co.uk. I had Bethany  when I was 17 which was very hard, but I started working for my mum so I could move in to my own house and Ian became a stay at home dad.

I have used disposable nappies with all 3 children. I looked at cloth nappies when I was pregant with Aston but my partner was not keen. My sister vicki tried to convince him but to no avail. Ian's main reason for not wanting to use them was the financial outlay at the beginning, although in the long run it would have saved us hundreds of pounds, having the money spare to spend all in one go was impossible. He also was worried about the amount of washing; as we have 3 children the washing machine is already going constantly!

When vicki told me she had entered us in the Share the Secret I was not sure if I really wanted to do it and if Ian would agree but after looking at the website and looking at all the different nappies I started to get really excited. And Ian started to show more interest so hopefully by the time that the nappies arrive he will be completely on board!

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