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The following blog posts will be written by Vicki and her sister as they begin their Real Nappy Week Challenge and Share the Secret with you!

In the build up to Real Nappy Week Vicki saw our call to Share the Secret and contacted Go Real. She told us that she had been using Real Nappies with her little boy since he was about 3 months old, (he is now 2 and still wearing them) BUT her sister needed some encouragement to Go Real.

Vicki told us: "Her reluctance is mainly down to the fact that she works whilst her partner mostly looks after the children, and he is fairly against the idea. I'm sure if they both had the opportunity to try Real Nappies they would soon see the benefits."

To help Vicki show her sister how fantastic Real Nappies are we’re providing a full trial kit of nappies for them to use during the challenge. Vicki will be supporting her sister, providing advice and support (with a little help from Team Go Real!) and both of them will blogging about their experience right here!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The nappies have arrived

The nappies arrived today I nearly missed the postman as I didn't hear the door. He was getting back in his van as I ran outside very excited. I couldn't get the box open quick enough. 

After inspecting all the nappies and not having a clue how to put them on I decided to watch the Go Real dvd which really helped. I then phoned vicki to make sure I had understood everything correctly (which I had). 

I choose the smartipants nappy first as it looked the easiest and put it straight on aston. 

It doesn't seem to make him walk any different to his usual disposable nappies, which I was worried about and he hasn't seemed to notice any difference.
We went to a wedding reception tonight so I decided that now was a better time than any to take the nappies out with me. Aston wore the Bitti Tutto nappy which he had on for 3 hours, it leaked but he had drunk lots of juice in this time and I am sure his normal disposables would have done the same. I then changed him into the Baba and Boo (which Bethany thinks is the best as we call her boo and Aston Baba). When we got home i had to put Aston in a disposable as I had put all the other nappies in the wash. I can't wait to try all the others out tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Charley and Vicki! Well done for getting stuck in right away and I am glad to hear that it is all going well. With new nappies it can take a couple washes for them to reach their full absorbency (like towels) which might explain your issue with Bitti Tutto. The more you use them the more effective they will become!